Frequently asked questions

Is there a possibility to import data from an existing database?

Yes, just contact us and we’ll make you on offer based on your current database or excel and data structure.

What happens with my data when I stop using Amy?

When you stop, you can simply export your data in an excel file.

Can I connect Amy to a website?

Yes, we can connect Amy with a website designed by Amy HQ. Contact us for a price estimate.

What happens with my data if a downgrade to the free version?

You retail all the data that is supported by the free version.

What about my privacy?

Everything you do, is treated as highly confidential and for your eyes only. So nobody you don't want can access yor data. You're in control. We are commited to not using yor data nor sharing your data with third parties.

What browsers or devices can I work on?

Amy is fully supported by all browsers and works on all devices.

Do you offer support?

We like to think Amy is pretty intuitive. On top of that you can find almost everything you need to know in our tutorial library. Should you have a question that is not covered there, you can contact us through our contact form.

What is your legal, safety and copyright policy

You can only put things you have copyright for on your public wall. Our conditions and terms can be found here (link).

I want to advertise on Amy.

Advertisement is possible for the free version. Please contact us.

How to report an issue?

We like to keep Amy bug-free. Should you find an issue despite this, please contact us through the contact form and we will assess the issue.

How to upgrade?

A good decision! It's easy. just go to you account setting and choose our professional version. We guide you through the specifics and you're set. Welcome to the professional art world!

Can I get a trial version of Amy?

There's no trying here. You can start with our free version. When you like what you see and are ready for more, simply upgrade.